IGKNIGHT for your growth and a better tomorrow.

AT Igknight you have the freedom to plan your own work and where to work from.

We need to recharage to be able to performat our best in our assignments. Join us to enjoy a long vacation that you deserve. 32 days vacation, your welcomed.

We care about your health. Exercise makes us feel better, perform better and to enjoy a long life. At Igknight you receive SEK 5.000 per year in health care allowance.

We have a yearly education fund that is specially for you as an employee.

Allocated for you personally to have the opportunity to further educate and strengthen your personal brans and knowledge.

We see this as a very important part of your personal development as well as an opportunity to contribute to the important deelopment that Sweden needs for industrial strength in the future to come.

We strive for our employees to feel committed to the cause and offer exciting assignments.

IGKNIGHT want to challenge the industry. We want to be a part of the change and really contribute to a more equal workplace for all our future employees.

Our industry has a challenge to get all consultants in a equal environment where we all work on same terms.

We would like to be a part of that change, meaning that in our recruitment the focus is always on competence-based recruitment and we want a good balance between gender and age distribution.

Our goal is to be your best workplace ever. We understand that our employees is the center of all we do, and therefor we work hard to create a culture in which you should feel at home in.

We want to be a modern employer that is at the forefront in terms of new technology but also in work balance and attraction of the best consultants within our three focus areas project consulting, engineering & digitalisation, strategy & transformation.

We see that we will have a excellent growth whithin the specific business areas of project consulting and engineering & digitalisation, that will in the long run have a positive impact on Swedish economy.

The goal is for IGKNIGHT to be an incubator for new project managers and young engineers going forward to contribute for the growth of the industry in Sweden.

An innovative and well-function digitalisation is today crucial for our society to be competitive and secure future innovations.

With the enormous potential of digitalisation, we have the opportunity tto influence and develop a more sustainable society.

We at IGKNIGHT are part of the sustainable development by supporting our customers in the digital transformation that is takning place, where we offer innovative and state of the art technical solutions that simplify and improve the industrial sector.

Optimization of production lines and energy optimization will be an incredibly important part of our future development.

To be competitive with the rest of the world for manufacture of products and to ensure that we save the earth´s resources.

IGKNIGHT hepls our customers create conductivity solutions for production facilities to enable optimization for future savings. Our technical consultants are expert in sustainable technology development and our project managers make the implementation to perfection.

IGKNIGHT uses stable partners and cooperations for a safe, world-class delivery.

We ensure that all our partners have the same or even higher target image for the overall sustainability goal for Sweden.

In all our dialog, the focus is on leadership, digitalisation, energy saving, transport and safety, and the environment for the people in the center of all our business