Let's work together

Are you great at project management or engineering? Are you the curious type? Can you bring people together?

We are excited to see where your ambition takes us!

be part of shaping igknight

Our goal is to be the best workplace for impactful experts

We understand that it is our people who are the hub of everything we do, and therefore we work hard to create a culture that you should feel comfortable in. 

IGKNIGHT is evolving 

As part of Igknight you have great opportunities to influence how our company looks, future visions, awaken new ideas about the way forward and get room for new proposals in our portfolio. At Igknight, you are the center of attention. You are one of the important cornerstones that were the reasons we created Igknight. The vision of creating an awesome company that you are proad to be a part of.

Innovative also as employer

Everyday we strive to be at the forefront of new technology together with our clients, but that also expands to how we work in IGKNIGHT, including work balance and attraction of new people regardless of background. We want to attract really sharp consultants and amazing assignments in order to be a first choice for consultants in our industry.

Our offer to you

You can be a
big part of IGKNIGHT

32 days Vacation

We need to recharge our batteries to be able to perform at our best in our assignments, therefor at Igknight you should have the opportunity to really enjoy a good vacation

Health Care Allowance

Health is the most important thing we have. Exercise makes us feel better, perform better and enjoy life. Therefore, at Igknight you receive 5,000 SEK per year in health care allowance.

Health Insurance

Through our health insurance, you get the care you need at the right time with the right quality. This is win win, you are fine, Igknight is fine. We will tell you more when we meet.

Profit Sharing

Iknight's profit sharing program is created so that you as a part of Igknight can share in the profit we make in our company. A fixed percentage of the profit goes to our people and is distributed once a year. We are proud to tell you more about this.

Work Balance

At Igknight, we have great confidence in our people. You have the freedom to plan your working hours and where you work from. We believe that this improve the quality that we deliver in our assigment and makes life easier for our consultants. Work out during lunch and enjoy a slightly longer lunch? Why not!

Best Contract Ever

We offer market competative salery and one of the best employment contract in our segment. Occupational pension according to collective agreements and a high focus on education for our people. We have a recruitment bonus because we believe in doing this together.


We also cherish the collaboration we have with our network of unique independant consultants!

We get excited when we are able to bring in very unique know-how and strong personalities into our projects, to give them that ‘special flavour’.

Let us know if you would want to join our extended network as an independent consultant!